Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Christmas and New Year's Cards

Here are just a few Christmas cards I've designed.

For Halloween, my daughter wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  We thought it'd be fun to run with it and I had a poofy pink ball gown which I'd worn to my Senior Prom in high school so I thought that'd make the perfect Glinda costume.  Then we found a lion costume for my son and made a Tin Man costume for my husband.  I was telling his ex wife about the costumes we'd come up with and we were discussing if there was something that my step son would want to wear from the Wizard of Oz.  We started joking around about her being the Wicked Witch and then it became more serious and she actually decided it'd be fun for us all to go trick-or-treating together.  So incredibly random!  People kept telling me I was such a good sport for doing that--but I wasn't the Wicked Witch!  I think she was the good sport!  So my step son was one of the flying monkeys and my husband's ex wife's older son agreed to dress up as the scarecrow for a picture.  How could I not use that for a Christmas card?!

Here's the Christmas Card we used this year.  It was a 2 sided card.
Christmas Card FRONT
Christmas Card BACK

And I loved this Brady Bunch inspired card I designed for the cute Gillespie family.

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  1. My family dressed up as Wizard of Oz this year. We want to create our christmas card just like your "There is not place like Home for the Holiday's" Christmas card. How can we make this? Do you make them? My email address is martinm@conwayschools.net